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Still working on the rest of the memes.  Twitter updates from Shilo.  Some from her actual, real life, officially sanctioned Twitter, even.

Still working on the rest of the memes.  Twitter updates from Shilo.  Some from her actual, real life, officially sanctioned Twitter, even.

Like I told Ace, I didn’t really want to do any of my OCs because too many of them have beards and Ryan’s was enough of a bitch to do, so I didn’t want to do more.  Plus, like.  Despite having a cool cutie mark, Eddie would make a terrible pony.  He and Rhys can be Diamond Dogs, instead.

ANYWAY CASS PONY AND BRAD PONY.  I wasn’t going to make Brad until I realized I could and I could say LOOK AT MY HORSE MY HORSE IS AMAZING and drive him nuts, a year after that joke has already gone sour. 


Excuse the shit photoshop jobs, There were a few things necessary for conveying these few pony forms. 

The rest of my girls.

The soldiers.

Max gets his own poast because he doesn’t fit in any other group, but I still want to poast him.

Max gets his own poast because he doesn’t fit in any other group, but I still want to poast him.

The ones who are too good for you, I guess.

My animated girls.  I didn’t do one of Dash, because that would have been retarded.

name any character of mine, and i’ll tell you three bad things about them. not cutesy little flaws, either: actual despicable traits that they should be ashamed of.


  • Has trust issues with all his friends, especially Sirius, and won’t take measures to resolve them for fear of discovering that there are good reasons for him to not trust them.
  • As a younger man, there were times when he allowed his jealousy (and other) issues to overwhelm him to the point of not being able to resist giving into the animal instinct to end the fights physically and violently.  (Once or twice with James, more often with Sirius.)
  • Remains ignorant of the concept of normal, loving human sex.


  • Can’t drive. 
  • Drinks too much.
  • Never showers.


  • Prefers isolation to confrontation, the point of ridiculousness.  Rather than “bothering”/confronting anyone with his feelings/concerns/grievances/etc., more often than not, he becomes withdrawn and awkwardly distant.
  • Occasionally finds himself wishing that Mimi had died at Christmas.
  • Refuses to go back to school, even for film, out of stubbornness and a desperate desire to continue proving to his parents that he can make it, mostly, on his own.


  • Enjoys exploiting people’s fears for his own pleasure and benefit. 
  • Has absolutely no regard for human life, other than his own.
  • I don’t know what else.  The first two are pretty solid, I think.


  • Has a cowardly streak.  Even now that she’s able to do something that she has wanted for literally her whole life, she succumbs to her fear and won’t do it.  She’s too scared to go outside and so she doesn’t, even though it’s the first step towards freeing herself that she needs to take in order to grow up and become a real human being.
  • Is going to have issues getting off her “medication”.  If she doesn’t have someone holding her hand, the chance that she’ll take a pill to make the withdrawal stop is very high.
  • Somehow legitimately thinks abusive sex is a good idea.  She will fight with her boyfriend about it.  (And eventually lose and understand his point, as she grows up, but still.)


  • If found in the “right’ (or, rather, wrong) mood, he will hit a friend.  If he’s pissed enough, he doesn’t care who’s side anyone’s on, even if it’s his own.
  • Insists on drinking more than his limit (his limit, of course, being one), despite knowing that it’s only going to severely impair his judgement and make him sick.
  • Refuses to understand the concept of “gray areas”.  Everything’s black and white; you’re either a good guy or a bad guy.  He feels no remorse for putting down the bad guys.


  • Actually seriously does want to be the Dictator of his own country.  As a ruler, he would be almost completely self-serving.  Not evil, not good.  Just self-serving.
  • Knows that he works for an evil corporation.  Will continue to work for it.
  • Definitely knows exactly what Leon gets up to, even if he doesn’t actually know.  Only sort of minds.  Mostly finds it sexy.  (He wasn’t kidding about his boners for Fox killing people.)  


  • Would eat humans if his conscience (and Alice) allowed him to. 
  • He loves his sparklepire family, but not enough to protect it, as a whole, if it came down to a choice between the family and just Alice.  He will always choose Alice and, since Alice chooses the family, for now, that’s what he chooses, too.  And, as a side effect, they just happen to be people he likes.
  • Also, he’s a fucking Twilight character.


  • Her reasons for running away from home, initially, are selfishness and boredom.  Her parents were strict and didn’t understand her, but they weren’t abusive and her home life could have been tolerated.
  • Didn’t stop her sister from faking a fit in order to follow her to Lennox House because - oh the irony - she didn’t want Sweet Pea to leave her alone.  Sometimes she regrets that, but not always.
  • Developed most of her vices (smoking, drinking, promiscuity, etc.) as cries for attention, instead of just asking for it.


  • Used to allow Cleo to treat her like a handmaiden.  Sacrificed her own time and, sometimes, schoolwork at Cleo’s whims, out of fear of losing someone she thought was her good friend. 
  • Also lets her fear overwhelm her inclinations to rebel for what she thinks is right.  Will keep quiet to avoid making waves, even if it means not standing up for herself.
  • Leaves all her comics bagged and boarded and WON’T TAKE HER TOYS OUT OF THE PACKAGING.  (I find this to be a crime.  But I’m the girl who used to cut tags off of Beanie Babies…)


  • Has definitely used his powers to get laid.  Not in a dubious/nonconsentual way because that’s fucked up, but he has, in past times, been the extra little push that an almost willing partner would have needed to be a straight-up willing partner.
  • Psychically eavesdrops.  A lot.  Sometimes just because he can, but usually under the guise of listening for something important.
  • If ever given the opportunity, would have a great deal of trouble talking himself out of using his powers in order to make Erik come back to him. 


  • Would relive her first experience at the House On The Rock without changing a thing, even if it meant saving anyone, including her parents. 
  • Despite losing plenty of people to it and its stupid causes and royalty, there’s a very significant part of her that wants to stay behind and become the White Princess/Queen/whatever.
  • In the future, the rest of the Grace family won’t tell the children about Wonderland to protect them.  Cass will agree to keep quiet not for protection but because Wonderland and the House are HER THINGS.  She doesn’t want to deal with the pain of knowing someone else is having an adventure she can’t anymore.


  • Spent a lot of time holding grudges against Em’s love interests, but played extremely nice and best-friendly to their faces.
  • Instead of addressing his feelings for Em, right away, he slept around a little, here and there, and tried to have meaningful relationships with people he didn’t love.
  • Has no reason to continue to shun Eddie, especially considering how hard he’s bros with Mona, but will probably do so for as long as he can manage without looking rude.  (Lucky for him, if I ever play them in the same game together, again, some magical day, that won’t be a problem since commenting at yourself is generally frowned upon…)


  • Wasted a significant portion of his early twenties dicking around instead of applying his talents to anything.  For no reason.
  • Led Noel on, even though it was obvious they both knew it was a dumb idea.  Sacrificed doing the right thing in favour of keeping things not awkward.
  • Almost really did not want children.  Hid out, for a significant chunk of Mona’s first trimester, in the basement, coming to terms with the fact that he had to figure out how be a dad.


  • Has a weird temper and lots of anger issues.  Yells a lot and becomes irrational when things aren’t quite going the way he imagines them going.
  • Might be co-dependent.  Actually cannot function, after so long, without someone he cares about around him.
  • Is a lazy artist.  If he sucked less, he wouldn’t have suffered a year-long slump/writer’s block and depression and maybe could have avoided a life-ruining breakup.  So.


  • Left his younger brother behind with their neglectful, just-barely-not-abusive mother in favour of saving himself.  Would do it again.
  • Believes in almost nothing and trusts almost no one.  Subsequently, may have enjoyed the role of Adrian Veidt a little too much.  (Fortunately, as a side note, nothing will ever replace the Blue Bandit as his favourite role.)
  • Is going to (almost) marry a girl that he doesn’t really like (THAT NO ONE LIKES) because it seems like the right/okay thing to do with his life.


  • When he and Laura were “off”, he went out of his way to sleep with at least half the staff of the show, just to show her up.  And the ones he wasn’t sleeping with, he was doing his best to flirt/charm the pants off, too.  Just because he could.  (Should also note that he only does this to girls he isn’t actually friends with or attracted to.)
  • The more the event grows, the more people he attempts to get kicked out of Comic-Con.  His success rate is nothing to be sneezed at.  His qualifications for being a “waste of a ticket” include teenagers who look like they don’t want to be there, grope-y douchebags who take pictures of hot girls in costumes without recognizing their characters, and shitty/ugly cosplayers.
  • Rather than confronting his non-positive feelings, he prefers to deny them and bottle them up, so no one ever has to he’s anything but upbeat.  Some day, he might explode like a full meter in Chuzzle.  Except with fewer brightly coloured tribble things.

Give me one or more of my characters and I’ll tell you about their mother, their father or both.

SHILO: So, okay.  I won’t spend much time talking about Nathan and Marni, especially since I just went on that Marni rant, the other day.  But in the spirit of answering all these questions I will mention that Nathan’s grandparents were, for a while, Sam and Sandra Hollis, but he - of course - called them Grampa Dan and Grandma Laurie.  Needless to say, the only real, important, loving family member Nathan ever had was his Grampa Dan.  Everyone else sucked and that’s why he kind of sucks, too.  In a related story, one time CJ gave Marni a maiden name that I only just realized is hilarious, partially because it’s actually from the movie, but more importantly because that means she’s related to a friend of mine, but that’s besides the point.  I’m actually pretty sure that, similar to Nathan’s background, Marni’s family name is Rimbauer.  DEALWITHIT.JPG.

Marni, contrary to popular belief and as previously discussed, is not a whore at all.  She was simply a young woman who got swept off her feet by an awful man who is very capable of appearing like the right choice to be making with your life, especially when you’re selfless enough to only really care about your best friend, in the whole world, who happens to be blind.  As a matter of fact, I think Marni probably stayed with Rotti longer than she actually wanted to, for Mag’s benefit.  It was probably pretty obvious, very early on, what kind of a man Rotti was, in which case, getting away him in the middle of getting Mag both really important medical AND career help would be disastrous for everyone involved.  Particularly Mag, who Marni loved.  (…All right, maybe a little like that, too, at one point.  I would kind of like to think their friendship was not unlike mine and Jack’s.)

Nathan was definitely always sort of stick-in-the-mud, but sometimes the love of a good woman can change a man for the better and, temporarily, at least, I think Marni made Nathan the kind of man he would have wanted to be, if he had grown up with better role models.

I don’t think Marni literally left Rotti at the altar, that’s just GeneCo propaganda.  If they were engaged, at all, I think it’s very possible that they become so almost immediately once they began dating and that it’s even more possible that Marni never actually agreed to marry Rotti, but that everyone just assumed that would be the case.  It was probably very obvious to almost everyone that she and Nathan cared very, very deeply for each other, but Nathan wouldn’t act on it because he knew it was improper and didn’t think it was his place to be stealing a girlfriend from…you know, his tyrannical boss.  Marni didn’t act on it, either, until she and Rotti were officially separated, which probably only happened after a fight that got physical.  And maybe even involving the kids, too.  (Who never liked her.)  She only went to Nathan for fear that Mag would angry with her (which, of course, she never would have been).  They probably slept together, that night, and Marni asked Nathan to marry her.

That’s a story about my parents.  The end.

MARK: Mark’s parents are played by Dianne Wiest & Gene Hackman.  Obviously.  His mom, Emily, is the 2.0 Mom version of my mother.  She’s a very nice woman with good intentions, but she’s like a fucking Mom.  If she knew how to use a computer, she would be a Mom On The Internet, like mine tends to be, sometimes.  I suspect all of Mark’s friends would friend her on Facebook, just to drive him crazy, and she would compulsively like every single thing they post and leave everyone comments that would inevitably always end up on that website about what happens when parents get on Facebook.  His dad, Michael, is infinitely less personable than his mom and he and Mark rarely talk to each other because of a fight they got into when he left for the city, after high school.

Mark only rarely goes home for the holidays and absolutely refuses to go without at least two of his friends with him at nearly all times.  Of everyone, Collins probably gets along with Mark’s mom the best.  She calls him Tom and always has cookies for him and he plays along and butters her up, mostly because it drives Mark crazy.  She likes Roger, too, but she worries (even still) that he’s Mark’s “wild” friend and will get him into trouble.  OH THE IRONY.  Mark’s dad likes neither of them, very much, and probably calls Collins Mark’s “black friend”, despite never having referred to Benny as such.

Despite their difficulties with each other, Mark’s parentsdo love him, but in that annoying way where they’ll never be able to understand that what he’s doing is better for him than whatever it is they think he ought to be doing or what they think is “right” to be doing.

GHOULIA: Like Spectra, Ghoulia wasn’t born a zombie because zombies can’t sexually reproduce.  Using Monster High logic, though, I’m sure she died at a really young age and hasn’t just…been…sixteen for the sixteen years it’s been since she died.  I don’t know if it applies to every zombie in the MH-verse, but I’ve already decided that Ghoulia and her family were brought back to life by the now-working Re-Agent of one, Dr. Herbert West.  In fact, it really may be one of the earlier forms of the serum because that could explain where Ghoulia gets her bursts of speed and dexterity from…hm.

Anyway.  Her parents are overprotective of her, just not Nathan-overprotective, because she’s an only child and they, technically, lost her once and can’t lose her again.  (Can you reanimate a zombie?  That’s probably not something anyone wants to find out.)  Also, her dad’s a rockstar in the human world and her mom’s a model/actress/clothing designer.  DEAL WITH IT.