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cass’s really important interview questions for GALEN

Galen, you are a totally famous guy.  I know a bunch of totally famous guys, but you’re probably way more of a rockstar than Knoxville is.  What’s the coolest part about being a rock star?

I don’t have any weird nicknames for you like I do for Chris.  That’s probably something we should change.  I was going to call you GALENFAIS, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do that because I don’t really have fourth-wall breaking privileges.  Should I just professionally start referring to you as OOH MISTER HOWARD?  Or will you be like, “Please, Mister Howard is my father”?

Speaking of your dad, usually I only like to freak Chris out with weird shit like that, but you look enough like Chris that maybe I’m just getting confused.  Does your dad really not want to date me?  Doesn’t he think I’d be a perfect stepmother to you?

Tell me a story about how weird your dreams are.  Don’t forget to cite your sources.

How do YOU feel about being Jack White’s sister, Meg?  Chris won’t ever answer that question.

What’s your favourite song to sing?

Since your dad didn’t seem to accept my advances, in ten words or less, could you maybe pass my number along to Brad?  Why or why not?  Be specific.

He seems really fun and, right now, my twin boyfriends are NOT fun.  Have you ever dated twins?  I don’t reccomend it.

When you’re magic, what kind of magic can/do you do?

If you and Chris could rockstar team up and do a song together, what would you sing?

I’d go with “Light My Candle” from Rent, if I were you guys.  Chris could be Mimi since he usually sucks harder than you do.

Man, wouldn’t it be funny if you and Chris decided to switch places and girls expected him to kiss them and you were like HA HA I’M GONNA DO BRIAN, then let me take pictures and give them to Chris?

…Maybe it’s just me.

Okay, and finally, who do you think would win in a fight: Hush or Jareth?

Obviously do Charles next. Then Heero and Noel and Collin.


  1. I feel weird that I actually took him away from First Class.  Because you know what?  I did not want to see that movie.  I rolled my eyes and was like, “Whatever, another X-Mens.”  I told everyone not to let Hicox be the German guy.  What I didn’t was assume that, of all the mutants I actually do like in Marvel, the one that would be mine is Charles.  I mean, I always liked him, well enough, because Patrick Stewart is cool and he’s, you know, whatever.  Cool.  But he is COOL LIKE HE IS A LESS INEPT OBI-WAN.  He’s swanky and drinks a lot and wears sweatervests and really likes doing the right thing.  I, too, am swanky, fond of booze and sweatervests, and try to always do the right thing.  SO, YEP.
  2. Hi, Erik. :3
  3. You know what, really, not anyone.  His boyfriend and his best friend/sister are too busy being evil, so he can’t be with either of them anymore.  So, the other half of his platonic OTP is a dirty martini and “Rolling in the Deep”.
  4. First Class canon is better than all canons.  Certainly all movie canon.  And probably all comic canon.  WHAT.  COME AT ME.
  5. I would like his boyfriend to come back to him, like in this one adorable comic where Jean and Scott went into his mind and realized there was a part of his brain dedicated to this happy, wonderful world in which he and Erik still worked together and everyone was friends with everyone.  Barring that, since it cannot happen, I would like him to never go bald because Faun would like stupid without hair.


  1. Kittah gets all my love because he’s from one of the only good animes ever invented and because he was one of the first characters I ever picked up who just came…really easily.  I have a very clear grasp on how he behaves and reacts and he doesn’t exactly fall under the same categories that the rest of my characters do.  He’s sort of…like Shilo, actually.  And I guess I just…really care, forever, about teenagers who have lived in one extremely limiting way, under one extremely limiting impression for their whole lives, then suddenly get pulled out of it.  Also, I’m glad he’s around because if he wasn’t, I’d probably be Rababa because he’s the bb and the derpy one.
  2. BAT BAT BAT BAT BAT.  The all bats Duo.
  3. Probably I friend-ship him, most, with Trowa since they can sit around and make special wtf and NOPE hns at everything that their boyfriends are slightly more willing to fluff about.
  4. Guess what.  Heero actually speaks.  He does not just hn at everyone.  He talks and actually has a lot to say.  He has a lot of questions about everything because he knows how to hack all the internets, but he doesn’t know that it’s not appropriate to wear ugly Christmas sweaters after Christmas. Also, fuck Relena.
  5. I wish for MOAR BACKSTORY.  I wish for the part of kittah’s life that was The Professional.  I also wish for not whatever is going on in the “sequel”.


  1. Once upon a time we didn’t actually have four thousand fauxceleb characters and you were like, “Hey, I think I wanna do this, do you have any ideas?” and literally the first thing I thought of, since you were using Hayden, was WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT IF Breakfast On Pluto LADY WAS DAVID BOWIE?  And lo, it was great.  Noel always feels like my first real original character because everyone up until him either didn’t work or was just…like…a variation on Remus.  Of all my fauxceleb characters, I still probably wish, hardest, that he was real and my friend.  I’m obnoxiously proud of him and obnoxiously happy with how much sense he makes and how much thought I’ve given him, even though it’s like…pretty significant and difficult to make him the David Bowie of a universe.  I love that he’s married to Em and that they have a kid.  I love that he’s not pretentious or attention-whorey or even insecure/confused about his gender identity.  I think he’s just…perfect.  Is my feels
  2. He is Mrs. Emmett Weston and will never be anyone else.
  3. Non-romantically, I ship him with Jim (his Senor Bale-shaped guitarist) and with Mona.
  4. …HE DOES NOT HAVE A CREEPY HEAD.  And I think it’s totally cool that he doesn’t want to be considered a “gay icon”.
  5. All the things that happen to him in our canon is what I want to happen!


  1. Collin is me, if I was slightly less goofy.  I always thought so, even back in the day, when I started reading it in like…idk, 2005.  And then that weird time when it suddenly became really obvious to us how relevant to our lives Fox and Collin were, in a superserious way.  Collin is my outlet for yelling about people on the internet because the same things that make me rage make him rage.  Also I fucking love that he’s a character I can break (or at least damage) fourth walls with.  I worry about him being…kinda Lawful Evil, all the time, but I can’t judge him since mostly he just wants to oppress people who deserve to be eviled at, anyway.  Like idiots on the internet.  COLLIN IS GREAT OK.  And an ~actor/model~.
  2. I’m just saying, I really, really love him and Leon together.  Whatever else is going on, Leon (essentially) encourages all of Collin’s ambitions, even if it’s just…the ambition to get smacked in the face, sexually.  That being said, in the end, he’ll probably always belong to Fox and that’s perfectly right.
  4. Everyone who says Collin is horrible and blames him for his and Fox’s breakup should die in a fire.  He isn’t horrible.  He’s the same character he always was, that everyone loved in FH.  Sorry he’s happy and successful?  NOT EVEN A LITTLE.
  5. I just really need him and Fox to interact in OPB.  In a sandwich shop they both frequent for lunch.  Part of me kind of hopes there will be a side plot about them finding their way back to each other, somehow, but the other part of me doesn’t know if that’s completely necessary.  I kind of just want to see them…see each other and react appropriately.
RE askbox: Donny (obv.) Shilo (obv. but I like hearing it anyway) and Rocket (again more obv. but I like hearing them anyway.) Let's also do Ghoulia just for shits and giggles. ;3


  1. I’ve talked about my feels for Donny a million times, but I’ll say again how much I love him.  It took me three times seeing the movie to figure out that one of the reasons I love him is because of how exactly the same character he is as the character I played in 1212 (which was about the Children’s Crusades) who was a character written tailored, specifically, to me.  Even before I figured that out, though, he had already jumped into my head and started talking AND HAS NOT SHUT UP SINCE.  He’s the manifestation of the kind of Gryffindor I am.  Even though she plays a huge part in my life, I think most people would agree that he’s even more me than Shilo is.  Way more.  So.  I feel a lot about him. 
  2. ALDO.  There are no other people I ship him with.  At all.  Ever.
  3. The other half of my non-romantic OTP for him is Sally Jupiter.  I also sometimes really wish that he and Shosanna could have been bros.
  4. Probably all the opinions I have about him are unpopular, even if they’re right.  For starters, he’s a fucking bottom.  Also, the fact that it weirds/grosses me out that people try to ship him with anyone but Aldo makes me pretty unpopular, I’d guess.  But you’re fucking fooling yourself if you think anything else makes sense.  And I don’t do things that don’t make sense.  Which is actually why I’m so unpopular, really.
  5. HAHA, the one thing I wish that had happened with this character in canon is THAT HE LIVED.  The end.


  1. Summarizing my Shilo feels because she’s someone I ~feel~ about, publicly, all the time.  I love her, I love her, I love her. I will build a breakfast fortress to keep out all the haters who say stupid, bad things about her.  I would argue that she is the only character in the movie whose alignment is Good, instead of Neutral or Evil.  She, of all of my characters, has the most potential for as happy and normal of a life as circumstances can allow and I think she’ll definitely get it.
  2. I like that this question implies that there ought to be “all the people” you ship your characters with.  Just GraveRobber and nothing more.
  3. Well, Mag, I guess.  I don’t know if you can call what could have been a really happy mother/daughter relationship an “OTP”, even with the non-romantic stipulation, but besides GR, Shilo doesn’t (canonically) have any other friends.  …Except maybe 2D/Shilo is my platonic OTP.  She just really likes hanging out with thirty year olds with weird hair ok.
  4. I…don’t think, actually, that I have any opinions about her that people wouldn’t agree with or understand, once I explain myself.  Maybe, though, it counts that I’ve had people try to tell me that my GR/Shilo thoughts are not all correct.  Too bad that they are.
  5. I’ve answered a version of this question before, recently, and, actually, Shilo’s answered a version of it, also, in her journal, wherein she decided she didn’t wish to change anything about the way her life had gone because it would mean missing out on all the improvements she’s making now.  But if I have to say something, I suppose that I wish that, eventually, it will be indisputably canon that GraveRobber is the person who will help her on her way to becoming an adjusted, healthy adult.


  1. I knew Rocket was mine/me before the movie.  When we first started seeing a lot of posters and a bit of promotional material, Amanda and I already decided who everyone would be and we were pretty right (except for the part where Blondie turned out to suck, really hard, because Peaches doesn’t suck).  Rocket is the outspoken, hopeful, spunky one with the lesbian haircut.  I haven’t had a lesbian haircut in a while, but that’s still me.  She makes me happy and excited and kind of sad, but mostly excited because she’s me.
  2. ALL THE BABYDOLLS.  Is who I ship her with.
  3. Platonically, I don’t think there’s actually anyone that I really passionately friend-ship her with.  Obviously she loves her sister, but not in the way that I would call them a non-romantic OTP.  (Although I will punch the shit out of anyone who calls them a romantic OTP.)  Perhaps I friend-ship her with her inevitable future pet billybumbler.  And maybe Eddie Dean, too, even though that’s probably impossible.
  4. I don’t know too much about the Sucker Punch fandom, except that no one seemed to care about my awesome story about Rocket masturbating in the kinkmeme on LJ.  So.  I don’t know what popular theories are.  But the kinkmeme did teach me that it’s maybe not popular to think that Rocket doesn’t want to bang her sister…
  5. Like with Donny, I wish that she had lived.  And that she and Babydoll could have legit escaped together.  But I understand that that’s not what was meant to happen and don’t mind.


  1. She is my faaaaavourite.  I feel…actually weird about liking/being the zombie instead of the werewolf, in Monster High, but what can I do?  It’s not my fault that Ghoulia was the derpy rockabilly chick who likes being smart, eating french fries, and reading comic books.  Monster High is kind of like Ponies, in the sense that every time something new happens, specifically for/with Ghoulia, I wonder if they’re spying on me. She is the only doll I super want all of.  And I definitely did not expect her to be my favourite, originally.  Which is funny, since it’s so obvious now.
  2. Because he’s the only boy doll I have, I jokingly ship her with Jackson.  He looks like Cillian Murphy and is also a total nerd.  And in the books, apparently, he’s a crazy good artist and she wanted him to help her draw her DeadFast comic for the NekroCon contest.  I feel like they could be very happy together.  Seriously, though, I don’t know if there’s anyone I would romantically push for her to be with.  Especially since she seems to be excited about having Slo-Mo and this other random zombie fighting over her, lately.
  3. Platonically, I ship her with Spectra because of the story in Spectra’s journal.  Ghoulia went out of her way to help a girl who otherwise arbitrarily hated her and stayed to comfort her, in the end.  It was fucking sweet, ok.
  4. I hate her Dawn Of The Dance dress.  I think it’s boring and doesn’t fit her style at all.  It looks like a red version of Amber Sweet’s office dress and I do not like it.  It should have been less white and off the shoulders and with a swingier skirt.  That is what.
  5. I…really would like her to get a boyfriend that they’ll make a doll of.  That’s what.  I want him to be the creator of and actor who plays DeadFast, in any film, also.  Because.
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give me the name of one of my characters and i’ll tell you…

1. How I FEEEEEL about this character
2. All the people I ship romantically with this character
3. My non-romantic OTP for this character
4. My unpopular opinion about this character
5. One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

Feel free to drop something into the askbox! Fandom characters, original characters.

Noel Bailey, requested by crabkind.

Noel Bailey, requested by crabkind.

Sir Cassidy of Red, requested by crabkind.

Sir Cassidy of Red, requested by crabkind.

maybe fun, now that ic questions have worn down?

Choose one or more characters of mine, and I will use the Polyvore app to create an outfit they would wear on any given day. (Or specify a special event/day and I will make an outfit based around that! For example, a wedding or a funeral.)

Charles, why am I being told to ask you if my toenails are pink? - Erik.

imagePink?  Truly?  No, no, no, that wouldn’t do.  Not to worry, darling.  They are most certainly not painted pink.  Nor any other colour.  …Nor will they be, I believe.  Waste of polish, really.  

I believe I prefer you in closed-toed heels, as it stands.  I’m sure I can be proved wrong, of course, with the proper pair, but for now, I simply don’t see the point in messing with perfection.