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Where The Spirits Dwell
Heero, what's the most difficult thing about adjusting to normal life? Or rather, what's normal for everyone else.

I have an answer, but I don’t even know if it’s an answer that makes sense.  What’s hard is how easy it was to turn part of my brain off.  That part.  The robot part.  I guess it’s not so weird that that’s what Duo calls me because maybe that’s kind of what it’s like.  Being a robot.  You can turn those off and on.  Not all of me is turned off, though.  And robots aren’t exactly indestructable.

That was a joke.  I think.

But every part of adjusting is hard because there’s so much that used to be in my head about what to do and where to be and how to do it, and now it feels empty.  It feels like I don’t know how to do anything because everything I have to do isn’t urgent or life-threatening or even life-saving.  I don’t like that I can’t learn how to do everything I need to know now, now.  I have to be patient.  And I have to let…Duo show me, sometimes.

I also don’t like knowing if I want to keep some of the empty parts in my head.  I’m scared of thinking that maybe it’s okay to not know everything.

Rocket, what happened at the Way Station? How weird is it, that you remember Blue's club, but Baby doesn't?

The Way Station is just…where I ended up.  When I closed my eyes, Sweet Pea was still holding me and crying.  When I opened them, I was just…here.  What is it everyone says?  Everything was the Way Station and nothing hurt.  That’s kind of true, isn’t it?  Besides this, there’s just…desert, everywhere else, and that’s a whole lot of not anything.  And I don’t hurt, anymore.  Not stabbed hurt, at least.  Not bloody or anything.  There isn’t even a hole in my sweater or my leotard.

That’s probably worst part, you know.  Sitting in the desert in dancewear.  I thought, maybe, since I was dead, and all, that I’d have my…you know, my uniform?  With the little nurse hat?  And my guns.  Like in our dreams.  

I guess nothing really goes like you think it will, huh?

Did they hurt her so bad that she really won’t remember?  I don’t want to ask her about it.  I’m afraid to ask her, I don’t want to make her upset if she really can’t.  It’s the strangest thing, though.  How does she remember me? 

Fionna, do you ever think about the possibility that there are other worlds out there, besides Ooo?

That seems like kind of asking if there are any other worlds besides…the world.  

Buuuut.  When you look at a map of Ooo, I guess it does look…unglobular…  There are so many places to explore in Ooo, though, I guess I just never thought about exploring anywhere that isn’t Ooo.  Where else is there?  Can I go there?  Is it that Wonderland place you guys are always talking about?  Are there any humans there?  Would that be a better place to complete Project: Meteor Sword?

Hey Donny how do you feel about horror films?

imageWhat, like Dracula?  Yeah, I’ve seen a couple’a those I liked.  My first date was to a show’a Phantom of the Opera.  That wasn’t so much my kinda picture, but the girl I went with seemed to go for it, pretty hard.  The girls from my neighborhood’ll go for just about anything, though.  Even old flicks with nothin’ but piano.

I like Frankenstein pretty well.  My sister tried to read the book to me, once, and it was rotten, but the movie came out pretty all right.

Ghoulia-what's your favorite fast food restaurant?

I can assure you that it is most certainly not any of the places the school cafreakteria gets its meat from.  If you can even call what it serves us “meat”.  I can only hope it is not secretly Soylent Green, but I suppose that is something they would be legally required to tell us as much.  (Despite what the populus continues to assume, the last thing I would like to see on my tray is salisboory steak made of people.)

Taking your question into consideration has led me to make a very difficult choice that I do not think I was prepared to make.  There are so many factors that go into making such a decision and I have had so many pleasant experiences at so many fast food establishments.  If I had to choose just one - or, at least, only give one recommend one, to a friend - I believe it would be Grim & Out. Their burgers are so delicious that it makes the fact that their french fries are not as decadently delicious as IckDonald’s irrelevant.  Also, I have relatives who have lost eyeballs over the thickness of their milkshakes.  I see this as just another point in their favor.

Collin, you know i love you and i'm not being a jerk. I should have blair come visit you, and she'll ask you nicer questions. I have another real question: is there anything you like about being someone's stepdad?

imageYou’re not being a jerk, but you were cheating.  And dragging up annoying things I don’t like to talk about.  Things I don’t talk about or even think I should be talking about.  If I want to exercise my right to eat lunch at the same restaurant every day, I have that power.  And if I want to pay for an extra lunch, here and there, I can do that, too.

Tell Blair I’ll have my mom bake something.  Or we’ll get gelato.

I like when someone clues me in on how to make her not hate me.  She rarely gives me the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes I’ll fuck up right and she’ll get excited.  I like when she’s excited because of something I did right.

Fionna, what's your favourite song to sing with Marshall Lee?

I like the songs where I don’t have to sing anything. Marshall Lee likes to have me help him record things, sometimes, and I do a mean beatbox, but my favorite songs are the ones he just lets me listen to.  I’m not saying I don’t like to sing, too, or dance or make music for him, but he sings so much better than I do.  It’s a lot better to listen to him be a vampire rock star than it is to me, trying to laaaa along.

We’ve gotten pretty good at singing Autotuned Wolves, though. 

Collin: You do encourage him, a little, by participating in the semi-mutual stalking. I'm not condemning that, since my personal feeling is that you're bound to each other by ka, and probably can't help it, but I'm just saying. And you're not exactly jumping for joy over him being involved with someone else, either.

imageMaybe the memo got lost in the pile, somewhere, but I didn’t realize this was going to go from Acquire IC Answers to Ask Collin Some Invasive, Uncomfortable Questions to Making Uncomfortable Points About The Way Collin Is Living.  Are you doing an impression of the devolution of my mother?  Or are we just getting to another point?

What I do doesn’t count as stalking.  It’s not like I asked him to show up, every day, at the place I like to eat lunch.  I’m not going to change my behavior just because he wants to be weird.  And his new boyfriend lives with his mom and looks like a priest from TV.  I’m allowed to scoff at that.

Ty Lee: Since Sokka's at school in the Blue Kingdom, is it difficult to have a relationship with someone primarily through messenger hawk?

It’s not difficult to be in a relationship with someone I like!  I wish he was here, always, but it’s important for him to be at school, just like it’s important for me to be at the circus.  Writing him letters isn’t hard, at all.  Not seeing him is hard, but sometimes I do see him, and that makes all the letter-sending and not-seeing worth it!

By the way, Don-don, I'm taking a bat with me on this little vampire murdering mission. In honor of your face. - Fox.

Don’t fucking call me that.

I’m not one to root for the monsters, but I hope your ass gets sucked dry, then handed to you on a plate by fuckin’ Count Dracula, himself.