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Where The Spirits Dwell
Collin: He found these without Leslie. It was pretty talented. Or untalented. He found them, pretty literally, with his face. Do you realize how jealous he is for/about you? That's a real question. Do you like living in Texas, or do you miss being at home? How did you feel when you first found out Fox followed you there? What are your feelings on Donny?

imageIt’s Fox, so I’m just going to not bother pretending that I’m surprised that he’s told you he found vampires.  He found pirates once, so.

He’s jealous?  Why?  Is he sorry he doesn’t work a too-low-on-the-totem-pole-for-my-liking job at a big, evil corporation that’s going to take over the world and live with a loving husband who treats him like a trophy wife and a stupid, squashy-faced stepdaughter who only likes me forty-seven percent of the time I’m with her?  Yeah, what’s not to be jealous of.

I like Texas okay.  I like Creed more than I like don’t like Texas and I probably love Leon more than I like being back home.  Texas kind of is home, now.  Especially since Fox came, too.

We don’t speak of him